Monday, June 15, 2009

Poodle Skirt

I thought this might be a fun file to make. Hopefully someone out there will be able to use it for something. :) SVG includes the dress, neck area of the dress, poodle with leash, and the belt. The poodle's leash is connected to the belt. For the neck part of the dress, layer the small piece (the darker color in the preview) behind the actual dress for the best results. :)

Click here to download this file!


  1. I didn't download this file but did several others today so thought I would just put a big THANKYOU in one place. You have put work into your projects and I appreciate it!
    Thank you!

  2. Thank you for this svg.... my mom will get a big kick out of it.

  3. I plan on using it for my daughters GREASE page ~ the last musical she was in as a sr. in high school.

    Thanks so much.


  4. Thanks so much. I used it for a card:

  5. Thank you so much for the darling poodle dress svg file. My card turned out darling. You are so talented, Brittany! You can view my card at