Saturday, July 25, 2009

Brag About Some New Stuff

I haven't really been buying as much new scrapbooking stuff in the last few months as I normally would. The short version of the reasoning is that my stepfather was diagnosed with lymphoma a couple of months ago and since I still live at home (and we don't currently have health coverage), my money has been better spent elsewhere.

I gave in and splurged a little this past week though. First off, I bought the K&Co Transfers to Go that you see above from a nice lady at 2peas. She had used two rubons out of the stitches set, but since these come with a ton in each set, I couldn't pass them up for her price of $3.50 shipped for all four sets of them.

Today, I placed an order through Joann's via Amazon. I had a couple of Amazon gift cards that I earned on a couple of sites online. I've just had them stored in my Amazon account for about a month now, knowing I would end up spending them on stuff from Joann's, but I wanted to wait on some good deals. Here's what I bought:

Cropper Hopper 12x12 Vertical Paper Holder
I'm going vertical! I ordered five of these to get me started. I'm hoping that will be enough to at least take care of all my loose paper that isn't in stacks/pads. I'm super-excited about sorting all of my paper to put them in these (I know, I'm a nerd... you don't have to remind me :P). I'm also excited about making the tags to label them. :D

DCWV 12''x12'' The Summer Stack
I absolutely love the DCWV stacks. Especially the spring/summer/etc stacks that come with 180 sheets. I only started buying them earlier this year, but usually I see them at really good prices at Joann's.

Inkadinkado Clear Mini Stamps, Hop On Over
I bought these mostly to fill up the order (free shipping on Joann's orders over $35), but I've been wanting them for awhile now, due to the fact that I have both a great dane and a dachshund. They were just too cute to pass up.

I also bought caps for the ends of a dowel rod that I plan on putting through a shelf I bought at a yard sale ages ago for a better way to store my ribbon.

The total for my Joann's order was $37.19 after tax, but after applying my $30 in gift cards, I only had to pay $7.19 out of pocket. :D I'm thinking that's a pretty nice haul. ;)

Sorry for the random non-svg related post, but I had to brag somewhere and my boyfriend just doesn't seem to get excited over this kind of thing. :P


  1. Alright! Fun fun fun..Yeah I hear ya about them not gettin excited.. oh well.. Good job and great deals there girl. And thanks for all the files you do give to us.. Thanks Cindy

  2. My husband doesn't get too excited about my purchases either. I wonder why ;-) Thank you so much for your website. I am new to the world of scal and can't wait to try out some of your files!

  3. Hello Brittany. I am here to share some hope. My dad (78 y.o) was dx with non-hodgkins lymphoma two summers ago. He had stage four, but decided to try the chemo. He was only able to do 2 of the 6 recommended rounds and said he was done with chemo it was too much for him. At that time he was told he had approximately 4-6 months to live. He was sent home with hospice coming in each day. After about 4 months he said he was feeling good and wanted to go back to the cancer dr. (as a family we were just glad he was feeling good and didn't want him depressed with bad news). Well he want back to the dr. and he was cancer-free and has been ever sense. The doctor said to him that he did not have enough chemo to kill the cancer (so they have no explanation.) Best of luck to your family and I hope things go very well for your Dad. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. Congratulations on all your fun purchases!

  5. well wishes to your step dad! keep him positive... the mind is a powerful thing!!
    As for your purchases... ~ you go girly!! ~